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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  August 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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we begin with breaking news at 9:00 did. a worldwide ground stoppage for delta flights has been lifted, after a power outage delayed all flights earlier this morning. >> it's good news. right now limited flights departing but from are still expecting to be a lot of delays out there until the system is back up and running. ryan smith is live at tia where frustration is growing. ryan, you learned the source of this outage. >> reporter: that's right. late this monk delta officials getting back to us about the cause of this saying a power outage in atlanta is what triggered those widespread delays all morning and that some of the delays continuing into later this morning.
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customers pay close attention to changes to departure and arrival times. you can see with this live look at the check-in count irit's calmed down significantly. just a couple of hours ago this was shoulder-to-shoulder. the issue it's pact -- impacting delta worldwide. the headquarters in atlanta is where it started, happened 2:30 this morning. they are aware some flight status systems include airport screens are falsely displaying flights an on time not necessarily be true. at tampa international airport the check-in line at delta looked painfully long wrapping down the hallway at one point. >> it's frustrating, it's tiring. i just wanted to get on the plane and go but it's s not goi to happen. >> of course it gives us concerns but better be safe than sorry. >> reporter: there's refunds for travelers experiencing
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delayed flights. delta also tells us you can make a one-time change to your flight from today through august 12th. free of charge. we also want to mention delta reassuring travelers that those flights are already en route, they were not impacted by this power outage in atlanta. reporting live from tampa international airport, ryan smith, abc action news. we turn to the other big story of the morning. you can hear it. it's really coming down now. the heavy rain, in fact knocked out power to hundreds of people in south tampa. >> right now flood watches are posted for levy, citrus, hernando and pasco counties. non-stop in citrus county. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is at a sandbag sight on grand march avenue in homosassa this morning. >> reporter: since 8:00 a.m., crews have been working non- stop. folks getting sandbags in case flooding hits their area. folks in citrus county thought
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things running non-stop as soon as the gates opened at this homosassa sandbag site. >> this is the longest rain in quite a while. >> reporter: the department of emergency management urging residents and businesses throughout the tampa bay area to get ready for heavy rain and potential flooding today. plenty heeding the warning. >> it's not typical. totally unexpected. >> reporter: in past days a similar site also opening in pasco and hillsborough counties, everyone the best, prepping for the worst. >> we'll be here with sandbags for as long as the residents need them. >> reporter: to find one of the locations nearest you simply go to for all the information you need. reporting from citrus county, rodney dunigan, abc action news. reminder, driving through flooded streets is dangerous. if you are not sure of the
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if you find yourself in a flooded area and your car stalls aaa warns don't stay in your car, get out as soon as possible and seek higher ground. floodwaters can swell and carry your car away. ivan cabrera monitoring the worst of the weather. >> the worst of the weather in hillsborough county and pinellas, a transition from this morning, the heaviest was to the north. this is still the area that is going to be watched for flooding potential. let's get you into hillsborough county and pinellas with torrential rain continuing at this a few lightning strikes here and there but it's mostly a tropical rain event. very warm across the atmosphere here, we're going to get torrents of rain continuing to push north and east. the movement is in that direction and if you have to hit the roads, in fact in the next few minutes, if you give it about 20 minutes, if you're headed out of tampa or pinellas you'll be in much better shape because we're going to be on the back side of this first cluster here so the rain won't be as heavy in the next few
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today but a bit of a respite coming up here. across the north some areas probably north of 10 inches already since friday. additional 4 to 8 inches is why we have the flawmps in effect for citrus county -- flood watches in effect for citrus county, hernando and pasco. we have sandbag areas, it's on showers and storms continue, it's still going to be heaviest to the north. we get a break by the afternoon hours and heaviest of the rain pushes a little east but then we reset and get ready for more rain as we head through tomorrow here with temperatures holding in the low 80s. i'm expecting another unsettled day tomorrow with pockets of heavy rain and then janelle, we'll begin to get into a more typical afternoon summer thunderstorm pattern by wednesday. >> the last two days of sum for kids not too -- summer for kids not too fun. corey dierdorff has been out checking the roads. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: good morning. we're at u.s. 41 southbound at
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you can see very he was rain coming down -- very heavy rain coming down now, lots of ponding on the roads. it's hard to see this through the picture, but like you were talking about, pasco county seems to be getting a break from the rain right now but the ditches up there along the side of the roads, definitely full and we're going to start to see some of that up here in lutz as well. as you head out give yourself extra time, an extra 10, 15 minutes. make sure you pack an umbrella because you're definitely going to need it today. >> i would to get from pinellas to hillsborough you might want to leave even more time. right now it's taking an hour to get across the howard frankland bridge. it's due to the crash here just before you get to the kennedy exit. in the northbound lanes of the howard frankland bridge, one lane blocked here and again causing a significant backup, you might want to try the courtney campbell which is 20 minutes or the gandy, 10 minutes now. slowdowns on i-4 heading to tampa, 22 minutes to get from
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we still have a closure due to a crash memorial highway at kelly road, in town 'n country, closed in both directions so your alternates, hillsborough to the veterans expressway, keep in mind those alternates also running slow this morning. a new project is in the works to ease traffic and increase safety at the williams road and mlk boulevard intersection just east of i-75 in hillsborough county. that plan is to add several turn lanes northbound and southbound. some traffic dividers, pavement widening, safety features for people walking or biking and a new traffic signal system. there's a chance for to you get more details about the construction plans and give your comments to public works officials. there's a meeting tonight at 6:00 at the seffner mango public library in the community room on kingway road. democracy 2016. hillary clinton is heading to st. pete today, she says to
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biggest investment in good- paying jobs since world war ii. she will first visit three daughters brewery and then hold a rally in the coliseum in st. pete. tomorrow she's scheduled to visit a health care clinic in miami, to raise awareness about the public health threat of the zika virus. donald trump to try to get back on track this week. this morning new polls show him losing ground to clinton. today he'll refocus with the policy speech at the detroit economic club he says will help americans. also endorsing paul ryan and john mccain for re-election, something he refused to do last week. governor scott heading to sarasota, he'll highlight job growth at intertape polymer group. the company calls itself one of the largest tape and film manufacturers in north america. the governor will be there 10:00 this morning. and breaking news from
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dozens more wounded after a huge bomb went off in front of a government-run hospital in pakistan. it was shortly after the body of a prominent lawyer killed earlier in the day was brought to the hospital. gunned down as he made his way into court. nearly 100 lawyers and others gathered there at the time. officials say it appears to be a suicide attack so. far no group claimed responsibility. the search is on for an american abducted by gunmen in kabul. officials say five gunmen in military uniforms abducted american and australian near the american university of afghanistan. they are believed to be professors there. so far no group claimed responsibility for the abduction. >> show me what democracy looks like! >> new video showing protests for a third straight day in chicago over the fatal shooting, police shooting of an unarmed black teen. last week authorities released
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year-old paul o'neal as he drove away in a stolen car. he crashed the car and ran off. an officer shot and killed him after a foot chase. none of the video though shows the actual moment o'neal was shot. police claim the officer's body cam wasn't working and that has protesters calling it a coverup. still ahead -- the pokemon go craze turns deadly. we take to you california where one man is dead, and police are trying to track down a gunman, before he kill >> disturbing trend at home on one of tampa bay's main roadways. what people are seeing on the side of the road that is now prompting an investigation,
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9:13. police in long beach, california are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a mother and her 4-year-old daughter. a family member says karina
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belle were gunned down walking towards their home saturday night. it's not sure yet if the shooting was random or targeted. also in california detectives are looking for the person who fatally shot a 20- year-old man playing pokemon go. calvin riley was playing the game with a group at an aquatic park saturday night. witnesses say someone came up behind riley and shot him. and ran off. there was no confrontation or words exchanged between the two before riley received first aid at the scene, later died. so far no arrests. in maryland nearly 30 people are recovering from drug overdoses after a music festival in baltimore over the weekend. police say the majority of the 27 people hospitalized saturday night were treated for dehydration from drugs or alcohol. the moonrise festival wrapped up yesterday. there nor reports of any deaths or arrests but you remember in may two people died from drug overdoses at the sunset music festival in tampa.
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more than 30 people were arrested that weekend. the latest on the zika virus -- florida officials say the number of homegrown cases now increased to 16. right now those cases are all concentrated north of miami. health officials fanned out in the community and administered more than 2,400 tests to people in the area. trying to see how widespread this virus is. police officers are also handing out zika information pamphlets to tourists and encouraging people to use repellent. scientists are still waiting for more money to fund research for a zika vaccine. the white house and congress have been in a fierce partisan battle over $1.9 billion zika funding bill. the zika virus is a real threat to women who are trying to become pregnant. consumer reporter john matarese shows us the newest products on the market to stop these bugs. >> reporter: in past years mosquitos were just a nuisance.
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suspect and if you're thinking of becoming pregnant they can be terrifying. so we checked out some of the newest plowbts products to keep them away. annette aarons is a busy mom, another baby on the way. while the kids love the hot summer days in her loveland backyard she worries about mosquiit's a little nervewracki >> reporter: with zika makes headlines daily annette won't go outdoors without preparing >> i will typically lather up as a routine every morning. >> reporter: she wants to the best way to fight the now frightening bugs. the good news, your local hardware store these days should have dozens of products to help you fight the mosquitos. >> everyday people ask. >> reporter: kevin johnson says backyard sprays that look hook to your hose are hottest now. >> a few hours beforehand, it will kill the mosquitos. >> he suggests that with a fogger and citronella candles.
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with repellent. in the new 2016 tests the top is off, deep woods, sawyer, keradin and benz 30% deet. standing water in your yard where mosquitos can lay eggs? kevin showed me pellets that kill the larva that grow there. >> if you have rain gutters or plant water accumulates in, you can put it in there and it will prevent the mostly sunny from breeding. >> reporter: if -- prevent the mosquitos from breeding. >> reporter: if not a mosquito company. they will do a more thorough spray with professional strength solution for around $100. you can also call local florida pest control companies, many of them recently added mosquito spray packages to their bug and termite programs so you get it all done at once and you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc action news. time 9:17. back to our top story of the day. you're looking live at southbound nebraska heading to tampa. minor street flooding reported
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wheel. a lot more rain on the way as well. so if you don't have to be on the roads stay home. if you do, make sure you drive with a lot of extra caution. if you live in hillsborough county and want sandbags they are still available. you can pick up materials at all three public works service units until 4:00 this afternoon. the locations are on the screen. one on sheldon road, one on big bend road and one in sydney road. you will need to bring a shovel. there's a limit of 25 sandbags per person. sandbags also available in pasco county and citrus county. here are the locations for citrus county. there are two places in new port richey, another in hudson. we have exact locations posted on you can also find those on our mobile app. there's more rain on the way. >> absolutely. you need a good technique with the sandbags. not too much or it breaks and you get the water seeping through. kind of halfway through, make
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you know if your area is vulnerable to flooding. so get out those sandbags as we continue with this heavy rainfall. right now it's over downtown tampa in pinellas. the worst of the weather. some lightning there across south tampa there, macdill getting in on that as well. tropical rains continue. you see the rain on the radar depicting very heavy downpours with rainfall rates at 2 to 3 inches an hour. that is going to blind you and make driving very difficult. on the back side of it, wait 20 minutes, lighter green getting into lighter rainfall. not to say that is it. more heavy rain later this afternoon but in the next few minutes a little bit of a break. not here. this cell is a thunderstorm. so it's got a little more to work with around it. you can breathe a little and get the lightning going here. but here that pocket of heavy rain, which by the way, you can zoom out the radar and there's more where that came from.
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pressure is to our north it will continue to pump in rainfall. that is happening the next couple of days. however, look how we fared. some areas upwards of 8 inches along the nature coast. further west closer to the low -- of course this also has to do with the fact it's the gulf waters. 15 to 20 inches but that's the kinds of moisture we're talking about. the potential moisture that is going to be pumped in. a little further south, in is where we don't have flood watches in effect because as you can see we have not really picked up all that much in the last couple of days so we handle the heavy rain, south of where it's fallen anywhere from 4 to 8 inches, citrus, hernando and pasco. guess what? another four to eight inches possible in the next 24 to 36 hours. so here's the way it will go today on futurecast. heaviest rain pushes further east. we'll get into that break and then we're back into heavier rain as we head through the overnight tonight and back into the morning commute for tomorrow. area of low pressure slowly but
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especially wednesday. there she goes, high pressure building in. we'll get to a more southeasterly flow. that will set the stage for more typical pattern for us, afternoon showers and storms not so much in the morning. but look at the potential rainfall here. again very heavy along the coast. and then we'll begin to continue to fill in. this is through wednesday morning. not a lot east of, well east of 75. so across the interior counties, we're looking at anywhere from half to as much as 2 inches but that would be about it. this is again mainly event as it continues to -- well, develop. through tuesday and then there you see wednesday. look at the temperatures by the way. getting back into the 90s with the sunshine returning. 9:21. one man, two obituaries. it was not a printing error. subtle differences in each one from a separate publisher revealing a personal part of
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9:24. if you've been driving on the howard frankland bridge you may have noticed dead cats on the side of the road. since june six dead cats have been found. troopers say they are not sure how they are ending up on the road but possibly someone is tossing them out their car window. a woman driving along the bridge yesterday said she saw a small black and white furball tossed from a car. she stopped to help and it ran
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come out. >> you could see her eyes looking at you, i thought how am i going to get that cat? she has a little mark on her face there from when she probably hit the pavement. >> troopers and fdot arrived to take off the tire and save that kitten. now the family is going to keep her. police are still trying to determine how the other cats found got on the bridge. first maybe it looked like a simple mistake. a man with two obituaries in the paper >> now the paper explaining why it ran two obituaries for the same man. you can see them side by side for 55-year-old leroy bill black who died of lung cancer last week. >> the paper in the small town of jersey says it was no accident. one published by his wife. the other by his girlfriend. the real difference between the two, one says he's survived by a loving wife. the other says survived by his longtime girlfriend. >> the paper decided both obituaries were necessary since
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the wife wanted it one way they say and the girlfriend wanted it the other way and wanted to give both grieving women the chance to publish it as they saw fit. still ahead -- a tragedy shuts down a water park. now investigators trying to figure out what went so wrong and what is billed as the largest water slide. >> the latest on the delta
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so thank you for joining us at 9:30 on this nasty monday morning. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we're staying on top of the weather situation unfolding outside right now. ivan joins us now. heavy rain at times and not letting up any time soon. >> no, it's not. the one word on social media
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torrential downpours along the most densely populated areas, major highways impacted. lightning involved as well but mainly it's the heavy rain that is causing the problems. look at 275 as you cross the howard frankland, that is also under the gun as far as heavy rain, and you see temple terrace to the north. and this thunderstorm has snuck in across sarasota county as well. and more where that came from. we're going to continue to fill in. a nice break in between, then we get more rain headed our y into tomorrow. this is not going to dry out until wednesday. that is coming up. we continue to follow this breaking news. there has been progress in fixing the worldwide outage that grounded all the delta flights for hours. >> delta says it fixed the problem and flights are slowly beginning to depart. ryan smith is live at tampa international airport to explain what travelers can expect for the rest of the day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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we heard from a few travelers just a few minutes ago who say they are preparing to board their departure flight out of tampa international airport, as we speak. but, of course that was not the case just a couple of hours ago. it was really a mess of confusion and frustration for early morning travelers here. delta at one point warning customers to expect widespread cancellations. a power outage in atlanta and subsequent computer issues impacting delta systems and all flights were grounded through most of the morning, clearing up within the past hour, passengers sounding off on social media all morning complaining of misconnections and painfully long delays. we found some travelers though at the check-in counter just trying to make the best of it. >> what are you going do do? get there safe is all that matters. i know they are trying to fix it. yelling and screaming ain't
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>> reporter: for this inconvenience delta is offering a refund or ability to re-book your flight without additional fees, for those that had a cancelled flight or experienced significantly long delays. live from tia, ryan smith, abc action news. 9:32. a developing story -- a towering water slide, the worldest tallest in fact turned deadly in kansas city over weekend. the victim a 10-year-old boy. >> we learned that little boy is the son of a state representative. today the park is closed while officials try and figure out what went wrong. cnn's reed binnion joins us with more. >> we are saddened to share that a young boy died this afternoon. >> reporter: a state lawmaker's son died tragedy sunday while riding the world's tallest waterslide in kansas. caleb schwab was 10 years old,
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schlitterbahn water park in kansas city. it propels riders from a steep incline from a platform higher than niagara falls. reaching speeds of 50 miles per hour, then goes up and down a second incline. his father, scott schwab and his wife michelle released a statement sunday that read in part -- >> reporter: the sc director indicated the cause of the tragedy is not yet clear. >> we honestly don't know what has happened. that is why a full investigation is necessary. >> reporter: that investigation being taken over by state authorities as the park remains shut. >> given that safety is our first priority we closed our kansas city park and closed the ride pending a full investigation. our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.
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drove into a pond in palm harbor. >> the family of five was driving on highlands boulevard in palm harbor as they rounded a corner and heard a loud splash. they got closer to a nearby pond they saw small cars sinking under the water. >> 16-year-old jordon litowchak told his mom to stop and he got out. he saw someone in the driver's seat of the car in the water he dove in to rescue him. >> i i had to save this man. he was emotional and crying. i'm grateful i could do that for him. i don't want -- he didn't need to thank me. it's just a good thing, glad i could do that for him. >> another person passing by happened took nurse and stopped to help. she stayed with the victim until paramedics arrived. >> fhp says daniel vinoich of
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spasms in his back and neck but luckily wasn't seriously hurt. fire destroyed four apartments itemple terrace forcing 13 people out of their homes. >> that apartment building across the street from king high school. crews stay a stove left on in one unit started the fire which spread to the apartment next door. two nearby apartments have heavy water damage. first responders treated two people, they are expected to be ok. the red cross is helping victims with temporary housing now. a serial bank robber is ex south florida and investigators caught him with help from his mother. 50-year-old robert watson is accused of robbing a sun trust bank in plantation last month. a witness saw his getaway car. his posterior identified him from surveillance pictures from the bank. authorities say he took about $3,000 from the bank. new federal data shows gun manufacturing in florida is surging and that is putting a strain on the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. florida has more gunmakers now than any other state except
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for gunmakers since 2009. raising some concern because federal officials say the atf is having a hard time trying to keep one gland, monitoring gun sales -- with demand monitoring gun sales and tribbution. here's a live look at the dow. happening today -- we're expecting to learn more about how hillsborough county plan to reach a 90% graduation rate. the superintendent jeff aches last week revealing that benchmark for the year 2020. the diswrict which is the largest in tampa is set to start classes wednesday. aikens is planning to give more insight on his five-year plan toward that goal, there will be a ribbon-cutting for the new mort elementary school in tampa. that happens 10:00 this morning. as kids get ready to head back to school a lot of parents on guard for bullying. child psychologists say it's our responsibility as parents
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being victimized. >> this morning we want to share some tips on how to spot potential bullying without possibly invading your child's privacy. >> knowing your school's bullying prevention policies is a great idea. we spoke with a child psychologist who says it's an even better idea to keep a waffleful eye on your -- watchful eye on your child's behavior and work hard to start a conversation when you notice something is wrong. >> dr. leslie rinaldi says any sudden change in behavior >> they feel ashamed and guilty and they don't want to talk about it. so trying to coach their parents on how to offer support so that their child can open up and be willing to accept help from their parents is a really critical step. >> dr. rinaldi warns that middle school with networks of friends that often shift constantly is where she sees
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state of florida. we're bringing you back to school coverage every morning throughout the rest of this month. tomorrow we're looking at bus routes and tell you how to report problems you may see. >> you can find today's story and all our back-to-school stories on or open up the app on the smart phone, go to sections and click back to school. if you ever had a bike stolen you know how important it is to have it registered. the hillsborough county sher bicycle registration event, at the walmart on nebraska avenue just north of bearss avenue from 12:30 to 3:30. it's aimed at getting stolen bicycles back to their rightful owners. also happening today -- a new ymca -- not a new one, a ymca is rolling out the first round of renovations. it's giving new ways to get healthy. it's holding a ribbon-cutting today for three new fitness studios.
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cycling and a who the lot more. there -- a whole lot more. there will be many programs for diabetes, parkinson's and cancer survivors. the ymca is on north dale boulevard. get a $10 gift card to winn dixie by donating blood today. supermarkets hosting a blood drive at stores across theway area. more than 30 are -- the bay area. more than 30 are participating. from 2:00 to 7:00 toda community's blood supply and help save lives. coming up -- two skydivers plunge to their deaths. the one thing that went wrong leading to the tragedy at a
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of i
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9:42. so a man watches his brother fall to his death over the weekend in a deadly skydiving accident over the weekend in california. the victim and his instructor died saturday morning in the tandem jump. federal investigators are looking into what went wrong but witnesses say their parachute didn't open. we have an update on the deadly hot air balloon crash in texas last week.
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break in the clouds and didn't see power lines overhead. it caught fire and crashed and killed all 16 people on board. skateboarding to -- according to the ntsb it's the least hot air balloon -- deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. it's also believed there was fog in the area. the obama administration released a once secret policy explaining how potential drone targets are chosen and approved. the president policy guidance was made public as part of a lawsuit file civil liberties union. the policy states the plan so go after terrorism -- to go after terrorism targets must first undergo a legal review and review of the individuals if that person is a u.s. citizen the justice department determines if the decision is lawful and constitutional. nasa has released new images of plasma rain on the
9:44 am
scientists say solar flares caused material to fall back down in the sun in big loops called cronal rain. it's made of plasma hotter than the sun's surface. how this happens remains a mystery. the bright dots in the video are high energy particles detected by nasa cameras. >> it's cool to look at. here's the thing, folks watching from polk coastal cones seeing some sun. that will set the stage for thunderstorms. but all of us should see sun in the pattern we're in. something's going on. northern gulf is where the moisture is being pumped in. look at the tower cam. low visibility. action air 1 grounded tracking all the heavy rain which at this point has ruined the morning commute. there's no saving it now as we continue to see pockets of heavy rain along 75, in fact it's not just -- now just west
9:45 am
this is the area where there are pockets of heavier weather. it will continue to move to the northeast. we'll get a little break through the afternoon. then we'll fill back in. the culprit is a low that hasn't moved much. you see it just continues to train the moisture in with that kownlter clockwise flow -- counterclockwise flow. it will be gone but before that happens more heavy rain with several inches of accumulation. look at the visible satellite. you see areas with sunshine there. how about that? that is, again, going to warm we'll see this rain now transitioning northeast, weakening and watch what happens as we head through the afternoon with. that sunshine we'll be able to pop some thunderstorms across the interior. so whether it's from the low in the gulf bringing in the moisture, to the afternoon thunderstorms we're going to get wet in all directions. that will continue to be the case through tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. eventually this area of low pressure moves west, takes its
9:46 am
then back to a more typical pattern of afternoon thunderstorms beginning wednesday and through the end of the week. until then that flood watch is in effect through tuesday evening for citrus county, hernando county and pasco counties, we'll keep you posted. still ahead -- it's your chance to see the band chicago up close and also help a great cause at the same time.
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good morning. it's a trip to the windy city, minus the airfare. florida hospitals starlight gala this year is called an evening in chicago. tickets are going on sale now and the proceeds going to pediatric care. why the chicago theme? because the band chicago is traveling to the tampa bay area for this special event taking
9:50 am
records. guests hoping to hear chicago's megahit song "you're the inspiration" and "saturday in the park." always a sold out event. here to remind us of why it's not about the party, it's about the cause that it funds, we welcome scott childers, vice president in charge of the florida hospital foundation and also kay myer, chair of the gala event. thank you for coming in on this rainy ugly day but we're going to talk about something wonderful, how the money raised goes to scott, can you tell viewers how it will be benefiting pediatric projects at the hospital? >> it will be. benefiting pediatrics especially in the emergency departments in the five regional hospitals. we're excited about the difference it's going to make for the little patients. when they come into the emergency department. we're just so grateful to the community that is helping us achieve our goals. >> these are -- they are
9:51 am
patient experience. kay, you have all the pressure as chair. how much money are you hoping to raise? >> we're going to try and raise as much money as we can. >> good answer. >> yes. >> to benefit the benefit areas of the florida hospital for the west coast regional division. that will greatly benefit the children and babies in our area. >> we're not talking about one hospital, we're talking about six to seven? >> yes. wesley chapel, zephyrhills, pinellas. tampa, carolwood. >> so the theme this year is chicago. very cool. what can folks expect when they go to the event? >> it's going to be a very exciting night. having the band chicago perform live, spectacular. the decor, tampa marriott, will be like you're walking the streets of chicago. we'll have actors in chicago attire and even our appetizers will have a chicago theme. who can resist deep dish pizza? >> gosh.
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money for the pediatric care in the tampa bay area. >> welcome to the florida hospital family scott. just relocated from kansas? >> louisville. >> louisville, kentucky. so what do you think of the community support so far? >> i love it. it's a wonderful opportunity for me to come to such a great community and the opportunity to join the florida hospital group, was always a goal of mine. and the opportunity to come to tampa, what better pace to bring your better place to bring your family and enjoy life a little bit? >> we we tease you kay but -- about the job but the community support does make it easy. >> yes. >> thank you for coming in on this rainy morning. here's more information on the event if you would like to be a part of it. the event is on october 16th
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now. and supportsorship is alsoing -- sponsorship is also going fast. for more information, call 813-
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still tracking heavy rainfall. the worst now on top of 275 moving towards 75 and tell you what, there's more where that came from. we have a lot of rain to get through as we head into later this afternoon. this evening and yes, into tomorrow as well. as far as temperatures, staying nice and comfortable, at least there's that, low 80s but we have the flood watches that continue in effect, another four to eight inches of rainfall possible through tomorrow. dennis will have more on that starting 4:00 on "the now." if you want to cheer on the
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without having to buy a ticket package starting today. single game tickets for lightning home games at amalie arena go on sale in just a couple of minutes, 10:00. >> they will only be available on-line at not at the amalie arena box office. regular season is october 13th. continuing coverage on
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good monday morning. i'm carley voyett. >> i'm it's a great mace to kick off the week in the "morning blend" kitchen. >> we're with jackson's bistro, joseph rivera, executive chef is here to show us how to make one of their signature dishes, one of their signature steaks. it's monday morning, we're hungry, starting with steak. getting protein in this morning. >> what is going to make this steak so special? why you wanted to bring it to us today? >> a prime new york strip.


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